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Corporate vision and mission

About Cloud One

Cloud One, did first official step towards the creation of the world's largest cloud trading center in Philadelphia, USA in 2015. Within 5 years after the first official accession, all development and research was carried out only to create a cloud center center trade.

During this process, offshore companies and anonymous companies were created in 7 different countries, and the cloud trading infrastructure was created. The mission of the cloud center is always to develop and deliver simplified business models that can be managed from a single center.

In accordance with the company's mission, Cloud One Market was chosen as the first project. In the short term, the benchmark was taken to create the world's largest cloud trading, cryptocurrency and mining system.

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About Cloud Market

Cloud Market Privileges

Dropshipping, the business model of the future, allows you to run your business in comfort without account suspensions, taxation and company formation fees.

Through agreements with more than 20 banks and branches in 7 countries, cars for sale by banks can be purchased without an auction. This gives you the ability to travel to another country through a single control center and conduct business transactions , without issuing a power of attorney, taxation and restrictions on trading operations.

This makes it possible to invest in the construction projects of companies established in the tourist regions.

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