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How does the affiliate program work?

The Power of Cloud Partnership

Anyone who registers in the cloud center and confirms their personal information (email, phone number) will be able to benefit from our affiliate program.

With your special profile registration link created for you in our affiliate program, you can earn commissions from trades made by traders who registered through referral method.

You can earn extra bonus rewards from your careers with referral commissions.

Would you like to become a Cloud One reseller?

As a Cloud One reseller, you must follow certain procedures to enjoy its benefits.

Cloud One Reseller Terms:
- Completion of at least 15% of the Cloud Gold Marketer career. This equates to an average individual turnover of $ 50,000.
- The presence of at least 10 active people in the team.

Any member who meets the conditions is eligible to become a Cloud One reseller. Required financial transactions must be contacted with Cloud One Human Resources.

Cloud One Reseller Benefits:
- A balance of $ 2,000 is added monthly to your account to cover office expenses. If success is achieved equal to 2x the monthly turnover, this amount increases to $ 5,000.
-The cost of the seminars, which will be organized upon request, are covered by Cloud One.

Affiliate Program Chart

Career Line 1 2nd Line 3rd Line Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 Line 7 Line 8 Detail
Cloud Starter Marketer %5
Cloud Gold Marketer (CGM) %5 %4
Cloud Pearl Marketer (CPM) %5 %4 %3
Cloud Sapphire Marketer (CSM) %5 %4 %3 %2
Cloud Diamond Marketer (CDM) %5 %4 %3 %2 %2
Cloud Leader Marketer (CLM) %5 %4 %3 %2 %2 %2
Cloud Business Marketer (CBM) %5 %4 %3 %2 %2 %2 %1 %1