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All vehicle auctions listed in the cloud are under the guarantee and structure of the banks with which we have made agreements that will eliminate the auction conditions.


By following a few simple steps, you can participate in auctions in a country or city other than your current location without any hidden conditions or conditions.


All data is shared transparently in the cloud bidding system. You will not encounter any hidden fees or extra costs in vehicle purchase and sale trade.

Introduction to car auctions

What are car auctions?

Tenders are generally held to re-launch the seized vehicles and to eliminate the victimization of confiscation. Nowadays, tenders can be made online now. Company owners who pay the paperwork fees according to the region where the dealer is located can participate in the tenders.

Auctions are continued from the starting price until an offer is received at the victimization level of the seized vehicle. The highest bidder is entitled to receive the vehicle.

Auctions can be held in 4 different ways: auction, closed/private auction, online auction, government auction.

Auctions listed on the Cloud market are evaluated in the closed/private auctions category.

How to trade cloud auctions?

Tender Selection

The starting point of cloud auction trading is to find the auction that fits your budget. You can choose the most suitable auction for your budget by filtering the closed/private car auctions from the cloud market management center created specifically for you.

In the details of the tender you have selected; VIN, engine, odometer, document, location, damage, damage costs, market value, buy now price, average earnings, average sales date, rental features, description and you can see all the tender details

Depending on all these features, our special software creates a profit calculation table for you based on the purchase price, rental period return, damage costs, sales price. From this table, the start date of the rental option, the average monthly rental income, You can see the trade functions such as the buy-sell difference and the net profit in detail.

How does cloud auction trading work?

Participation and Purchase

When you are sure that you have chosen the most suitable tender, you must pay at the 'Buy Now' price. Buy now prices are determined by the contracted banks, taking into account the seizure and paperwork fees. Any extra confidential document fees or commissions. It is never available. By choosing the most suitable one of our rich payment methods, a notification is sent to the bank as of the moment you make your payment. The tender is automatically completed and closed through the cloud market and the bank auction system.

During the preparation and purchasing process of the documents, the cloud market creates advertisements for listing on the local/global advertisement sites required for the sale of the vehicle you purchased, according to the average market value of your vehicle.

How to terminate cloud auction trading?

Sales Process and Termination of Trade

After all transactions are completed, the vehicle you purchased can be added to the rental list by the closest contracted car rental companies or within our body until it finds a buyer at market value according to your request.

If the vehicle you have purchased is rented during the announcement process, the rental fees are charged to your account daily. During this process, the offers sent to your vehicle from the advertisement pages are sent to you as a notification. You can respond to the offers received with the help of your special cabinet or our mobile applications. When you accept any of the offers. The sales process of your vehicle is started. The sales process is shared with you in all its transparency. After the completion of the sale, the trade is terminated and the sales price is loaded into your account as a balance.

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