We offer cloud partnership to construction projects.

Partner in construction projects with cloud privilege in a few steps

Partner high-profit construction projects online with cloud technology. Earn income at every stage by purchasing parcels from all of our projects before the start of the project.

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The start and end dates of all our projects are reported to the government channels. Unless otherwise encountered, the projects are legally finished within the specified time.


With cloud technology, you can buy parcels from all of our projects online without document authorization, travel, corporate and confidential specifications.



Introduction to construction projects

Construction Management

Construction management ( CM ) is a professional service that uses proprietary, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of a project from start to finish. The purpose of construction management is to control the time/delivery, cost and quality of a project - sometimes referred to as the project management triangle or 'triple constraints'.

CM is compatible with all project delivery systems, including design-bid-build, design-build, CM At Risk and Public Private Partnerships. Professional construction managers, long, large-scale, high-budget initiatives ( commercial real estate, transportation infrastructure, industrial facilities, and military infrastructure) are referred to as capital projects.

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Setting Parcel Size

In order for you to participate in construction projects over the cloud, you need to determine the amount of parcels you want to buy from your market section specially prepared for you. The amount of parcels you will determine is directly proportional to the profit you will earn at the beginning, development and completion stages of the project. How much is the parcel size? If it gets bigger, pricing per m2 will decrease inversely. Thus, the percentage of profit per m2 of the parcel will be higher.

While determining your parcel quantity, our special software will generate a pricing list based on the parcel (m2) size you entered.

Construction project participation via cloud

Review & Join

When you determine your parcel size, our special software calculates your estimated earnings at the beginning of the project, on the average, at the beginning of the project, in black frame, white frame, in full ready state. If you review and approve the data, you can participate in our construction project over the cloud by making your payment with any of our rich payment options. You can provide.

You can follow the offers for your parcel at every stage of the project you are participating in, through our cabinet or mobile applications that we have prepared specially for you. If you decide to sell your parcel, all sales transactions will be carried out and the sales prices will be loaded into your account as a balance.

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