We offer cloud privilege on ebay dropshipping trading

What is Ebay?

The ebay.com marketplace is owned by an American company of the same name, founded in 1995. Unlike its main competitor, Amazon, ebay INC does not independently sell goods, but only provides a trading platform for sellers and buyers.

The number of registered users of the service in 2017 crossed the 170 million mark. Today, ebay is one of the ten most profitable IT companies in the world.

In addition to the traditional sale of goods at a fixed price on ebay, there is an auction format - the seller sets the starting price, and buyers place bids. Whoever offers more gets the right to buy the goods. This format is one of the most popular among buyers as it often allows you to purchase goods at a symbolic price.

Take your ebay business to the cloud today

Take your Ebay dropshipping business to the cloud. Enjoy the simplicity and freedom of cloud technology!

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You do not need to deal with brands to trade Ebay Dropshipping on the cloud. You can easily sell all products without the risk of suspension.


You will be able to use all the privileges we have created with our offshore companies on the cloud base. You can do cloud dropshipping trade without taxation, withdrawal limit.


Take your business to the cloud with no hidden fees, terms or conditions. Trade ebay dropshipping without company setup, office, employee fees.

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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping allows you, the seller, to outsource the fulfillment process to a third party, usually a supplier. The manufacturer or third-party supplier handles the manufacture, storage, shipping and delivery of products to the customer.

This business model appeals to some e-commerce vendors because it can reduce overheads and operating costs. In some dropshipping contracts, you manage marketing and customer service, while dropshipping manages physical goods and fulfillment.

How to Trade Cloud Dropshipping?

Cloud Trading Instance

The trading volume width is determined at the initial stage of cloud Ebay Dropshipping trading.

Trade volume width directly affects product sales percentage and margin range per month.

According to your trade volume, our special software starts to identify target categories and products point-by-point.

In line with the results of our software, our marketing experts manually list the products to be listed.

With the approval of our marketing experts, your products will start to be listed through our designated Ebay companies.

The trade creation process takes 5 to 7 days on average.

How Cloud Dropshipping Trading Works?

Cloud Trading Start

When the trade creation process is completed successfully, your trade will now start in the cloud.

When your products are listed, you can observe the selected categories, products, incoming order quantity, which products are sold, how much profit margin, and between which vendors the sale is made through our cloud software that we have created specially for you.

You can contact your manager or our live support team 24/7 for any question or problem that may arise about trade.

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